The Members

The members of fcB2B work together in committee throughout the year to develop, maintain, and build on uniform standards for EDI. This process is open, involves discussion and results in votes for approval at an annual meeting and standard version management.

A Connected Network

The Floor Covering Business To Business group (fcB2B) is a primary advocate for the continual development and adoption of a standard language that allows software management systems being utilized in the flooring industry to communicate seamlessly with one another. fcB2B technology can enable software users to automatically send and receive the documents that are exchanged everyday between manufacturers, distributors, and flooring retailers and contractors, such as purchase orders and invoices, in a fraction of the time it takes when completed manually.

The group is comprised of manufacturers, distributors, associations, industry groups and software providers, working together to create one clear unifying vision that will take the entire industry into a more efficient and profitable future.

Flooring Industry companies, from contractors to manufacturers all benefit when they are using software that utilizes fcB2B standards. Companies large and small can take advantage of the cost benefits fcB2B technologies offer.

Becoming a member not only helps with our influence in the industry, it allows companies of all sizes to have a voice in crafting future technologies to improve communication and innovation throughout the flooring industry. Become part of something bigger to make it better for all.

Our members say…

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