fcB2B Certification

fcB2B Standard Documents are certified to ensure that all parties are compliant and data is processed consistently with minimal errors.

Why does fcB2B provide certification?

There has been a need for certification in the industry for many years to reduce the errors and misinterpretation of the standards. The certification process was created to ensure quality data is being provided between trading partners. Certification is being performed starting with version 3.0, prior versions will not require certification to allow trading partners to update and prepare for the process. Companies do not need to have all X12 documents implemented to get certified, certification may be requested for currently implemented documents.

Once a company completes certification the company and the approved document(s) will be identified on the fcB2B website with a marker indicating they are certified. This certification process will remain in effect for a timeframe or until changes occur that require recertification.

Retailers are now able to view the suppliers and software providers and know who has gone through the certification process. You can feel comfortable that the data being passed between the suppliers and software providers is good.

The certification list will also allow you to see what documents a supplier or software provider are able to transact. This allows for informed decisions when selecting your next flooring software provider.

Certification status details are included in the member profile found on the Member Directory.